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Jun 02, 2021

Covid-19: A Deviously Deceptive (and Effective) Psychological Operation


"Wherever you believe you stand on the Covid-19 divide, it’s time to shift your focus from your headspace and look down at your feet. 

You may be surprised to find your feet walking in unison with people you thought you disagreed with. 

“How can they be going the same way as me? They don’t see the Truth!” 

And yet, they are walking with you—in lockstep.

If you accept this, you can then ask the question, “Where are we going?”

This question gives you a chance—should you have the courage to pursue it—to break the spell that has you distracted and blindly following a preprogrammed path.

In the art of deception, your only safeguard is to let go of certainty, remain doubtful, be prepared to be wrong, and know your own mechanisms for fooling yourself. 

The moment you think you “know” and stop paying attention is the moment you are lost. 

Remember, a clever manipulator is a good listener, incredibly perceptive and adaptable. But a manipulator is only effective when the intended victim has no self-knowledge or the courage of self-inquiry."

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