Navigating This Crazy World

Navigating This Crazy World

Mar 29, 2022

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As you know, the recorded Free Thinking video series course is now published on Vimeo and available for purchase. With this one-time purchase, you get access to all 11 presentations and will be able to attend the weekly live Zoom sessions for Q&A, discussion, debate and exploration. These live sessions will be coming soon, and those who have purchased the online course will be notified via email.

It has been, and still is, a crazy time to navigate through.

I made the decision to leave Canada as they were about to require all air travelers to show proof of vaccination status to be allowed on an airplane. The media's effect is so pervasive that even when the mask mandate recently became optional in Newfoundland, most Newfoundlanders are still opting to be masked up. The voice of dissent is nearly non-existent there.

It has been shocking to me how easily people give up their freedom for the illusion of provided safety; how no one questions anything anymore; and how willing many are to turn a blind eye to abusive, manipulative behaviour.

I have watched school buses of young children pass by with kids' faces covered. These young children are so exhausted that when the bus is bringing them home, most are docile or asleep.

I have seen their racoon eyes, glazed and uncaring, as the vibrancy for life has been taken away from them.

I have seen people so willing to adopt the role of "victim" that they act like they need to be told what to do in almost every aspect. Should an obstacle arise, it has become the norm to ask for help instead of attempting to use one's own brains and skills to come up with a solution. It would appear that the message, "Don't trust yourself, just ask an authority and obey," has been successful.

At the very least, I have been glad to see that the US in many areas is still rebellious and still an advocate for freedom of choice.

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I was fortunate to grow up learning about the Constitution, about the fights for freedom throughout global history, from many different angles and stories. It has been a passionate interest of mine, to learn about what it means to BE FREE, to explore and examine various concepts around this idea, to found out what it meant for myself. And I was fortunate enough to meet some truly amazing people around the world who practice respect for the free will of themselves and others.

During the past two years, I have been challenged with the dilemma of whether or not I try to protect myself, my personal privacy, become like a ghost and live my life, OR, put myself out there, speak, share, and be openly defiant. In reality, it has been a mixture of both. Sometimes, it has been prudent to be elusive. Other times, it has been essential to speak out and stand up.

I cannot tell the future. I don't even know where I will end up living. Maybe many of you are in the same boat.

What I do know is HOW I want to BE in each moment. I choose to try and align my actions with my intent, and to remember my intent revolves around Mutual Respect, Non-violence, and Open-Minded Skepticism.

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Perhaps, in the end, there will parallel societies. Maybe there will be those who achieve creating spaces where freedom thrives, where children can grow and develop free of indoctrination, where access to resources are not controlled by greed, where the incentives to harm one another are few and far between. It will be difficult. Humans are complicated. Conflicts will happen. Changes only occur when each individual makes internal changes, and consciously decides how he/she will BE.

I hope that the Free Thinking video course series can be of some benefit.

I hope it is enlightening and empowering.

I hope that more individuals leave behind the "victim" persona and become the "master of their own ship."

I hope that instead of trying to dominate and control others, individuals practice mutual respect, learn what that truly means, and stop relying on outside validation for their words, actions, or very existence.

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Would you attend:

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