July 12-18 Events with Aimee

July 12-18 Events with Aimee

Jul 12, 2021


This week's online events are as follows:

Tuesday & Thursday:

-Free Thinking for Kids (ages 11+) live on Zoom

45-minute live session to awaken curiosity and wonder, learn how to learn, and gain tools to face difficulties in life.

Claim a spot here.

-Storytellers' Circle for Kids (ages 10 and under) live on Zoom

Awakening curiosity and wonder, and inspiring excitement for learning. 30 minute live interactive session on Zoom.

Claim a spot here.

These are donation-based live events providing a space for the kids away from the fear and control, and inspiring curiosity and wonder about themselves and the world. Live sessions host small groups of up to 8 kids so that everyone has the opportunity to take part in the discussions/sharing.


Be Human, Live Free Online Cafe at 7:30pm EST live on Zoom.

Our motto: Be Human, Live Free.

We can spend a lot of energy fighting against what we DON’T want, but if we do not CREATE what we DO want, it doesn’t exist.

This approach is about knowing how to defend yourself and your family should you need to, but more importantly it is about living NOW, and not letting the fear paradigm stop you.

Become a NODE of this network. Until you take ACTION, nothing happens. Until you ACTIVELY participate, the network doesn’t exist. Let’s bring it to LIFE.

This week's focus topic for open-ended discussion is "Responsibility, the Vulnerable, and How to Keep the Space for Respecting Free Will." We will be taking the concept out of the realm of the intellect and touch on real-life, immediately applicable personal experiences for an immersive discussion.

Free for members, $15/event for non-members.

Claim your spot here.

Watch a sample Be Human, Live Free Online cafe video here.

Next Tuesday at 7:30pm EST:

-Creative Learning for Parents and Educators meeting with Aimee on Zoom

Only available for Water, Fire and Air level members. If you are a member at one of these levels, you will receive a separate email with the booking link to claim your spot.

These bi-weekly meetings are to "explore ways to nurture your child's natural inclination to learn and explore. There can be simple ways to create projects that lead to independent questioning, discovering answers, and coming up with their own solutions."

Next Saturday:

-Storytellers' Circle for Kids Book Club (ages 6-10)

Our summer book is The Little Prince. This is an interactive Zoom session hosted by Aimee for kids and their parents to come and have fun with this wonderful children's story, sharing favorite sections, characters, tangential stories, etc.

Free for members, $5/month for non-members. Claim your spot here.

-Free Thinking for Kids Book Club (ages 11-15)

Our summer book is The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. This book is a great mystery using logic to solve the puzzle. This live Zoom event hosted by Aimee is for everyone to share their impressions of the story together and explore whatever else is opened up through reading this tale.

Free for members, $5/month for non-members. Claim your spot here.

-Learning Re-Imagined Book Club for adults (ages 16+)

Our summer book is Let Your Life Speak by Parker J. Palmer. This book challenges the commonly held concept of many self-help books and programs that focus on "fixing" who you are, molding you into whatever ideal you imagine you should be. Instead, Palmer writes about listening to your life as it informs you what is already speaking through you, what essential roles you are already playing and are designed for, and creating your own script that doesn't try to mold into any other ideal. There is a reason why you are YOU and no one else.

Aimee hosts this live Zoom session for everyone to come together and share their impressions and thoughts on the concepts in this book.

Free for members, $5/month for non-members. Claim your spot here.

Watch my new video on the Book Clubs and how a discussion is structured here.

Finally, I am currently working on developing the Learning ReImagined Network Hub website to connect kids, parents and educators with limitless, holistic learning resources both online and in-person. Watch the video to learn more about the concept here.

If you would like to assist in building the Learning ReImagined Network Hub website, check out the GoFundMe page here. So far, we have raised $150 CAD out of $2500 CAD.

The funding is going toward our awesome set-up team, who will establish the website, social media, podcast, newsletter and gather together the network. You can read more in the description on the GoFundMe page.

Best Wishes,


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