Hello! It's Been A While and Likely Will ...

Hello! It's Been A While and Likely Will Remain So for the Next While...

Oct 15, 2022


It has personally been a crazy year, and where I've ended up is interesting. I'm sure everyone of you following and supporting me have had your share of interesting experiences in the past two years. Mine has led me to a place where I'm hardly online anymore, and it's wonderful. But it leads me to question whether or not I keep my website, try to return to making content, revisit the Learning Reimagined Network project, etc.

When I was younger, I consciously chose to live a life with little technology, to experience what that is truly like, and it was the best decision I made. Then, I found myself trying to make use of the internet when I was living a more isolated life. And it was...alright.

It's no substitute for real life.

What went into my content were my past experiences of really living life fully, mainly disconnected from the internet. And it seems that now, we are being herded into more and more "living online" than real existence.

But I have a choice, because I know that I'll be more than fine without that system.

However, I hope that you, too, will find this to be true.

And one other important note:

On both "sides" of the covid divide, the apparent "leaders" who love the camera are the same. Narcissistic. Sociopathic. All with personal agendas. Be mindful of who you listen to, follow, and support.

The best method is always to simply be your own master, live your own life directly, keep grounded, and utilize your energy and abilities right where you are...not somewhere distant that seems near because of the internet. You have everything you need right under your feet and within yourself.

Remember, even if you think someone appears to be trustworthy, never displace them with your principal witness: yourself. Don't put anyone on a pedestal.

Real change only occurs within. If you can literally become what you want to see in the world--you alone, not trying to change anyone else--then you send out the greatest ripple effects. It is how we ARE in every moment that determines the state of our present and the possibility of our future.

With love,


P.S. Perhaps what may come of my own next steps will be the possibility of sharing, somehow, in some format, more wonderful content that can be of benefit. For now, I will remain absent online. But don't be a stranger. Feel free to reach out. I love receiving your messages.

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