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Recent Game Updates

Recent Game Updates

Apr 21, 2021

I've made several updates to the game in recent weeks including:

The ability to edit round scores after the guessing phases by toggling words from the results screen. Edited scores are indicated by a (+/-) sign visible to all and players must confirm their intent before editing scores.

Fixed an issue which allowed multiple rounds to be created at the same time if several players selected "New Round" before the game forwards you on. This fix also resolves some issues with empty rounds, and players getting out of sync with the game.

Duplicate Banned Words (including all votes) are combined so you're unlikely to encounter replica Banned Words during gameplay.

More available Target Words! I've added lots of word categories recently and plan to continue adding more.

Stay "in the know" with the latest notable updates here: https://www.bannedwords.fun/pages/changes

Game on!
- Al

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