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How To Make real passive income with jus ...

How To Make real passive income with just running an application while you sleep

Jan 27, 2021

Warren Buffett said:

"If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die."

These days, with the evolution of the internet and online environment, it become true to earn real income from the internet in different ways, Both Passive or Active!

You have to accept the idea of passive income as it exists in the real-world too, like renting a real estate or a car for someone else for a profit, as simple as that you can earn an income with renting your device / mobile / internet / your SMS / your connectivity with a mobile company, etc...

But How you can do that ?

Today specifically I Will tell you about How you can sell your internet bandwidth , and I will continue to talk about all these methods in the future ,

Selling you internet bandwidth :

You probably heard about VPNs(a virtual private network) or CDN ( Content delivery system)

Vpn can allow you to access the internet from different IP addresses rather than your IP , so you can protect yourself from being tracked or from revealing your location to others in the internet.

so, some companies come up with brilliant ideas to provide VPN services for other people /businesses.

The Idea is using (The crowd), by sharing internet access around people who want a (VPN) and people who want their internet to be used by others.

In a simple way, you will let the application running on your phone, the app will use your internet bandwidth to provide a (VPN) service for other users/businesses.

brilliant? OK,

So, How much you will earn? it depends!

your country(your IP) your internet speed can make difference here , also the most important thing is how much you pay for your internet?

Now I will present to you the 1st app/software in this industry :

HoneyGain: sign up here

sign up here

Honey gain an app can run on any device, mobile /laptop/android /IOS and this is a thing that doesn't exist in any other service or app!

Honey gain will pay you 0.10$ for 1 Gigabyte you share with the app.

HoneyGain is a genuine and trustworthy app with the 4 rate and 1200+ reviews in Trust pilot

from Honeygain :

for internet connection, at least 1Mbps speed is required in order to generate credits. Devices connected to networks slower than that would not really work. On the other hand internet speeds of 100Mbps is the maximum you can utilize for Default Network Sharing - anything over will not benefit your earning potential. If the Content Delivery feature is available, due to the nature of it, it requires at least 10Mbps network speed.

Also, check out the subreddit r/honeygain for more information!

So, How much you will earn on average per month?

Some people claim that they gain 40 - 55 $ monthly, and others say it is just 6$ per month

it really depends on :

  • your location.

  • the number of device connected ( With unique Ip addresses)

  • Your network speed.

So, basically! do you have a cheap or unlimited internet connection? it is the most important thing here.

My friend from Uk said he pay only 20 euro for unlimited internet / SMS/ calls, so it is easy to cover up all his mobile plan expenses and make some extra money behind too !

it is really huge passive earning like you will gain about 70 $ - 600 $ per year! you can pay your rent for a month for free every year without any effort!

this is without selling his SMSs and that's what I will talk about next time here, so stay tuned!

Join Honey gain and claim your first 5 $ for free exclusive by signing up with this link :


If you find this so helpful for you don't hesitate to leave a comment or to message me or even drink some coffee with me for a 1 $ I really appreciate that!

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