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A new App for selling your internet band ...

A new App for selling your internet bandwidth pay you higher than honeyGain

Jan 31, 2021

Hello, Today is incredible I found this high-paying app for internet sharing bandwidth, it pays you 0.20$ for 1 Gigabyte so it is double what you can earn by honeygain or packet stream!

Also, they pay you 0.01$ for any additional hours you run the app, unfortunately the app available only on PC devices at this time.

You can withdraw your earning through Paypal when it reached 1$ which much better than honey gain (20$) and packet stream ( 5$ ).

For those who want to know more about internet sharing and what it does mean, I talked about that in my recent post here.

The app is called Iproyal, you can sign up and download the app and start earning immediately, here .

this is how the Dashboard looks like :

Also, they have a great referral program, You will get 10% of every invited user payout amount.

Sign up today here: https://iproyal.com/pawns?r=ahmed

Happy earning !

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