AEGIS Screenshot Saturday!

AEGIS Screenshot Saturday!

Sep 18, 2021


Life has been incredibly busy (I'm a teacher, it's the start of the academic year), but I've been trying to get some nice screenshots together (for a while now, lol). So without further ado, here are some 1920x1080 screenshots to share with you! (Yay!)



...And as a bonus, here's some images of the old AEGIS Kingdoms client, because I'm trying to incorporate all projects into these posts! (Woo!)
Do note though that these don't show you the Community Clash arena, as that'll probably be shown in later posts. The project got corrupted, so I'm rebuilding the project at the moment (and I can tell you now, doesn't look quite like below! The UI and lighting are different, however UI work is just polish, and at the moment I'm focusing on functionality.

At the VERY bottom of this post, I've got a picture of the current community clash build, but please bare in mind it's SUPER WIP! Not as polished as the screenshots of below. Thankfully I do still have all the original AEGIS Kingdoms files, so I don't have to do everything from memory, which is nice, but it means that there is still a distinct difference between the two.


Okay so here are the Community Clash™ images. Again, SUPER WIP!!! I cannot stress this enough - It's a work in progress. However it will look like AEGIS Kingdoms once complete! These screenshots are marked 18th September 2021, and so are the very latest as of writing this! Thankfully, you've also got me to narrate some of these screenshots to you so you can understand the plan! (And hopefully excite you!)

So Community Clash™ #3 is set in the Ruins of Arundel. It's a fallen mountain kingdom with a mysterious past. Once a vibrant kingdom full of life and prosperity, Arudel is now nothing more than a deserted and desolate ruin where only the bravest artifact hunters travel in search of it's treasures. No one truly knows what happened to the inhabitants of Arundel.

Legend states that King Alfar locked his daughter in the tallest tower of the castle, so that only the most skilled knight with the purest heart in all the Realm could rescue her and earn the title to the Emerald Throne. But when the Sorcerer King of Val'kesh invaded the country, King Alfar offered his daughter's hand in marriage as a peace treaty. When the Sorcerer King failed to get to the princess despite his great power, he made all the inhabitants of Arundel vanish and shrouded the entire kingdom in a thick fog so that no one else could find the princess. It is rumoured that one day he will return to claim what is rightfully his.

Almost every traveller is warned to stay away from the Ruins of Arundel, for those who venture into the fog do not come back.

Players begin in the mountains. As you explore, you'll come across an abandoned village high up in the mountains, where you'll meet some interesting characters that will set the scene for the Community Clash™ #3.

There are two forts that mark the beginning of the arena, and you are offered a personal choice that will affect which of these two forts you will pass through before you start competing in the Clash™.

Once you've made your choice and made your way through the fort, you'll be able to get items and prepare yourself for the Clash™. Once you leave the fort, you won't be allowed back in. This marks your official start, and entrance into the event. If you die beyond this point, it will count as you being eliminated from the event.

You will get a dialogue confirmation to ensure you are completely ready to enter the arena and participate in the event. This will also be communicated over voice channels, too.

Not only are there other players out there, but there also dangerous creatures lurking in the fog. (We're currently using a temporary placeholder model for these orcs). They will attack on sight, and some even use swarm tactics to overwhelm their opponents.

Orcs have inhabited the mountain caves for some time, however with the current on-going war of the Empire, orc clan territory has almost doubled. The lack of military presence has allowed the orc armies to grow silently, claiming more and more land, and even spread to the surface, preying on anyone who dares to cross the threshold to what is theirs.

The Ruins of Arundel Castle remain firmly broken and closed off. Only the most daring and astute adventurers dare to enter past the walls. Who knows what myserties is has inside?

There can only be one winner, and so most contests will be defeated in battle. Whether you jump to your death (by accident?), get swarmed by creatures or are bested in combat by another opponent, you'll end up dying.

When you respawn, you'll be placed in a piratey themed waiting room until the event finishes.

Just a reminder if you're unsure, there's a couple of useful signs around the area.

Wow, did you scroll all the way down here? Nice!
Thanks for reading, and head to our Discord to see more stuff! (I post a lot there!!)

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