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23 Technology Predictions for 2023

23 Technology Predictions for 2023

Jan 07, 2023

Technology in 2023 : 🔥Hell or 👼 Wonderland?

I wrote 23 predictions for 2023; you tell me.

1. Jeff Bezos comes back to Amazon👨‍🦲
2. Disney acquires Roblox🐭
3. Spotify monetizes AI music🎵
4. All tech companies fire 20% of their workforce✂️
5. Morgan Stanley owns Twitter🏦
6. The “Apple Tax” starts a commercial war🍎
7. Remote work and AI bury the middle class💻
8. The great AI social rift is created🤖
9. Deepfake videos topple an S&P500 CEO🤬
10. AI fuels the Culture Wars🎭
11. All politics become about content moderation🔧
12. Tech makes us feel less alone😭
13. We witness a training data disaster💥
14. Social platforms start buying data📊
15. Social Media as we know it dies😍
16. TikTok is not banned (unless China invades Taiwan)🚀
17. Everything transforms into OnlyFans🍑
18. We say goodbye ad-supported media📺
19. Augmented Reality makes it big(ger)🥽
20. The Metaverse works as Meta employees go back to the office🥽
21. Bitcoin falls below $5,000💥
22. A new FAANG emerges🎂
23. Hope springs eternal😊

This is a very short summary of a longer article which you can find by clicking this link. I encourage you read it if you enjoyed the above.

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