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Goal 1 completed, thanks fam!

Goal 1 completed, thanks fam!

Apr 07, 2021

Hey yo! Your endless supply of coffee *_* <3 helped Cognition Today complete the first goal! :D

You all have been so generous and have sincerely appreciated my work! My brain now has dedicated circuits to acknowledge your donations! You have a permanent spot inside my brain.

The 26 of you who helped me get here are epic! You have my gratitude for life!

Here's what I did with the money. I purchased the Cloudflare CDN and it's amazing! You've got CT covered for 10 months. Hell yeah! :D You - as a reader, well-wisher, and audience - have helped my content reach remote regions at a higher speed! You didn't just help me, you helped uncountable others! :D

It's the pro plan so now the site should be much faster outside America!

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