The Origin of AdioScam & The Man Behind ...

The Origin of AdioScam & The Man Behind It

Feb 13, 2022

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It's been a while since I've posted an article. I know this blog isn't well established and I don't have a large audience, but I still feel responsible to share the backstory to the small number of people who have appreciated my work. They mean a lot to me so I'm posting this article to share some things about me and my journey. This post will reveal the reason and story behind why this website was started and why it might end soon?

I've never displayed any personal information on this blog and that is what I had in mind since the beginning. Even though I don't reveal my identity, I still have the option to give you an idea about who I am and why I started this blog. I'm a 21-year-old Indian guy who has no formal education in the field of web design or health & nutrition. However, I do have a particular interest in many fields like physics, biology, maths, computer science, and economics. I've educated myself for several years purely out of interest in these fields. 

It was around 2020 and I was looking for ways to make money online. I tried several methods and met many youtube scammers who gave out false information that seems intriguing but doesn't work. Unfortunately or fortunately I had to learn the right and wrongs the hard way. Like many other people trying to make money, I also tried unethical ways to get money fast. It was by promoting the highest paying product irrespective of its effectiveness and quality!

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I was trying different methods and putting a lot of hard work into it. But somewhere I always hesitated thinking if this product really helps and works as the creators promise it to be? I slowly realized many of these products shared the same pattern and stories. Soon I realized they are scams just making money out of people's hopes. However, I was in desperate need of money and didn't have any long-term money-making skills or plans yet. I had some ethical ways to make money but needed some capital investment to start it which I didn't have. I was just an engineering student and later an unemployed guy even after passing with distinction in college. 

I thought even though these methods are unethical, still I think I should do this for a while till I have the investment amount ready, and then I'll stop these unethical ways and begin to make money ethically as well as help people. Though that was my approach at first, I couldn’t make myself do it. Even though I wanted to ignore the scam signals and just focus on making money out of it, I couldn’t help but think about the people I’ll be pushing into buying these products just for my profit. 

I couldn’t be that selfish, so I thought even if it is difficult, I should not give up on my morals and ethics. I’m sure I can make money as well as help others in the way. I began my investigation in the great ‘Google’ about the products I was interested to promote. I used to think that people qualified in cooking wrote cooking blogs, those well-versed in finance gave financial advice, and people qualified about health and nutrition used to write health & fitness blogs. But to my surprise, that wasn’t the case at all! Almost all of the articles that were in the top-ranking pages of google were written by marketers for the promotion of products. They were all similar and in a sense just saying the same things differently.

On searching for ways to promote products as an affiliate, I met the truth behind those similar articles ranking in google. The articles on those websites weren’t from the website owner or any of the members of that association. They were just paid or sponsored articles submitted to these press release websites by affiliates like me trying to make a quick buck. At that moment I had two options, one was to follow the same and earn money easily. In desperate need of money, I even considered that thought for a moment. I could have submitted a similar press release by paying $100. But I chose the second option, which was to expose these products that make false promises and provide no value to the consumer and to promote legitimate products that will actually help the buyer in achieving their goals. 

This was the motivation behind creating this website “”, where you can say Adios to Scams and meet the real deal. As you can tell by reading my articles exposing the scams, it did take a lot of effort and time to build these things. Especially since I did all of it by my own. I belong to Engineering(not computer engg) background so I don’t have much knowledge about website building as well as regarding the science behind the health products. Thus I had to search and learn each and everything on my own whenever I get free time. After all these efforts was this website built.:)

You know those scammy products would pay me much more than these legitimate products like ‘The Half-Day Diet, Trimtone’, that I promote. Obviously scams are expensive to buy too. I thought if I would prevent my readers from falling for these scams and point them towards a genuine product, they’ll save some money by not buying those scams and I will also get some commissions when they buy the genuine products through my affiliate link. I was deadly wrong though!

It’s true that I received a lot of appreciation and love from you guys regarding my work, but to this day, I have not earned a single penny out of this blog. I still pay the expenses to keep this website up and running. Even had a ‘Buy me a coffee’ button where you can monetarily support me and the cause, but not received a single $ through that.Buy Me A Coffee Statistics

I didn’t write this article to manipulate my readers into filling my pockets, but I felt like it’s important to let these things out and let you people know my side too. But don’t you think if those guys who promote scams are making thousands of dollars easily, I, who am putting so much effort to keep it real also deserves to get some reward for my work? Obviously, if I don’t get any monetary benefits from this blog, I’ll be left with no other option than to end it. I don’t write these reviews just to make money out of it, but I’m just a 21-year-old unemployed guy from a third-world country. I don’t have enough resources to run a non-profit organization. Hope I didn’t bore you much and if you made it this far, be ready for the next article exposing yet another scam soon. God bless you all! Keep smiling :)


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