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Spanish Ration - Lunch Menu A3

Spanish Ration - Lunch Menu A3

Jun 30, 2021

Tl;dw - a really enjoyable ration, comprised of:

  • Madrid-style stew -> garbanzo beans with chorizo&pork fat in tomato sauce

  • white tuna in vegetable oil - nice, proper chunks on flesh

  • peach cream - sort of hard jam, quite difficult to spread but not too sweet

  • chicken soup with pasta - thick, warm drink to tie you over while the main heats up

  • anti-fatigue drink with vit.C

I didn't have any pan galleta / the crackers are issued separately / so substituted with some crackers and butter biscuits.

It was a very enjoyable meal and the thing I enjoyed the most was that all components worked well together. Adding either the tuna or the peach cream to the stew is absolutely fair game and tastes real good. Not a fan of the anti-fatigue drink but then again, I find most of isotonics nearly unpalatable.

This made me even more excited for the lunch menu A2 (which contains squid in its ink).

See you this next Sunday 4th July 10am CEST (UTC+2) for a first peek into a Slovenian 24h ration.

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