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Catchy subject lines are tough

Catchy subject lines are tough

May 14, 2021

Well hello there. Let's get right to it. Here are some of my favorite finds since the last time I wrote.

‣ With spring in full swing, I find myself launching one app a lot right now. The Seek app identifies plants, animals, insects, and fungi. I have used it to identify trees by only their bark and help me figure out what kind of bird is outside of my office window.

It takes me back to school science class days as it shows the taxonomy, labeling the kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus and species. It's also fun if you just want to know what kind of frog is hanging out near your basement window.

This video! It is the best five minutes I've spent in front of a screen this month. Pizza Toast & Coffee: Kissa Būgen from Craig Mod really drew me in. (It's sort of like Milk and Coffee except not at all. Really. Who would've thought?!)

‣ If you signed up for this email, you probably like learning things. I was recently reminded there are many, many university courses available for free. The catch is they do not tend to offer academic credit.

Two good jumping off points:

Class Central - They have courses in subjects like environmental science, data science, architecture, business, and programming from around 1,000 universities.

A complete list of Massive Open Online Courses

If increasing knowledge is your primary goal, these resources are fantastic. If you want the piece of paper (or initials behind your name) that says you know stuff, you'll still need to pay for that.

‣ This essay from Kevin Kelly, 1,000 True Fans, is something I need to re-read from time to time. When I first read years ago, it really morphed my perspective on what is needed to be financially successful. "To be a successful creator you don’t need millions."

‣ Thinking of creators, would you be interested in some of my podcast picks? I have a list of more than 200 podcasts episodes that are winners for me. Here are 5 from the past month or two.

‣ 4 Ways To Deal With Burnout [22 min] [audio]

‣ Elizabeth Lesser on Building Omega Institute, ADD (Authenticity Deficit Disorder), and Seeking The Emotion of Illumination [1 hr 46 min] [audio]

‣ Rev. Ike “Whatever You Enjoy, You Increase.” [15 min] [audio] [video]

‣ Happiness Lessons of the Ancients [55 min] [audio]

‣ Brendon Burchard: “Reframe Expectations.” [12 min] [audio] [video]

That's the round up for now. If you don't have time for all the links, hit the last one first, Reframe Expectations. If you have time for a second, enjoy the Pizza Toast.

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