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Winter Adventures

Winter Adventures

Mar 10, 2023

Well folks...I am officially caught up on the backlog of analog! These good B&W's came from around the same time as the Christmas Candid's. I really liked the bokeh effect in grayscale that I was able to get while at a light show in the lead up to the holidays.

The other pictures were made in January, when we went on a new kind of adventure. We went to a cabin, hiked to multiple waterfalls, got some good food from a small town diner, reflected, and overall made some great memories. It was really cool and had a large impact on me. This is most likely due to intention as well, because you see, the intention of this trip was to relax, get away, and prepare for the arrival of our first child.

Now as I sit and type this up, my little girl could come to say hello at any minute. This trip grounded me more than I expected it to and I am grateful that we chose to do it. I am so excited to share the film shots to come that capture the moments as we go rollin' along this new adventure.

And holy hot damn is it going to be a wild one!

As always, be good.




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