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Glowin' Glare

Glowin' Glare

May 16, 2023


It has been a while as life has been pretty insane for me these last two months. I got a chance to sketch the last few mornings and finally got a sketch I liked and wanted to share. I want to try out this idea of glowing eyes on various animals, big bad barn owl was up first. The symmetry didn't turn out as well as I wanted but no matter how many times I tried...I always ended up with an eye or wing out of balance. So it goes.

I also tried out a toned sketchpad I was gifted 6 months ago, and I like how it contrasts the white and black. I used a waterproof brush marker for the shadows, colored pencils, and ink. I hope you have all been doing well and I am excited to get pack to some creative work.




  • For the body I heavily relied on artshock's illustration from Shutterstock, Stock Vector ID: 438631849.

  • For the head I used the image from the blog post "How to Draw an Owl with Pen and Ink" on The Virtual Instructor by Eugenia Hauss.

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