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Eruption in Tonga 🇹🇴❤️

Eruption in Tonga 🇹🇴❤️

Jan 17, 2022

Perhaps you have noticed that the top level domain for for my domain (and all the subdomains of acme.to) .to belongs to Tonga 🇹🇴. I have used it since 1999 or over 22 years 😲
So, I have put up small section dedicated to Tonga on the page --> eruption.acme.to/tonga.php
Of course there are no live cameras from this eruption, but there are lots of information out there. I'm not going bring everything to the site, but I will have some images and data there that might change from time to time.

It's interesting how big this is. For example the eruption was heard by volcano observatory in Alaska over 9.300 km. away. Also a Pressure Wave was recorded all around the globe.
In the US the wave was picked up traveling eastward through the US and later the opposite end of the wave traveling westward. That's huge.

Data by Tomer Burg

There has also been big internet outage in Tonga as this image from radar.cloudflare.com shows.

I can only wish the people of Tonga the best. ❤️

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