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ABCD of KWGT Series Introduction

ABCD of KWGT Series Introduction

Jul 17, 2022

Checkout the video below to know more:

In this ABCD of KWGT Series, we will guide you all how to create your own KWGT pack

From scratch and make your Home Screen even more Awesome - with your own creativity!

So, from now on every Sunday you will get a new video on how to create a Kustom Widgets pack

We will guide you through the basics to the advanced level of customization of the KWGT pack.

Why you should Enroll for this series?

These could be endless possibilities - A) To harness your own Creativity, B) To decorate your own Android Home Screen, or even C) Create a new KWGT pack and list it online (Google Play, Buy me a Coffee etc.) to earn some extra bucks!

Why we made this series Paid?

I know you might be thinking, on one side we are saying, you don't have money to buy Apps from Google Play and on the other side we are asking for money! Well, it's to maintain the quality of this series and to make it exclusive, or else thousands of people will enroll to this and make crappy things and put it online to make money. We thought of making this paid, so that only serious enough people like You can join this and learn to create Kustom widgets and make some real money in the future.

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