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Two sessions this month

Two sessions this month

Jun 24, 2021

Two sessions this month, to make up for the session I did not have last month! (Although Mindlessness and 15 min free trial were available last month, did anyone participate? If you did, comments welcome! Mindlessness can still be purchased, it's under £5).

First session tomorrow, Friday 25 June at 1130 Malta time. Find your timezone here:


Second session on Tuesday 29 June at 2130 Malta time. Find your timezone here:


Price: €10 for both sessions. As always, if you can't afford this, you can pay what you can afford, or send me a song/poem/your experience of the session/a painting (which I had from someone very talented recently!)/good vibes.

What to do:

Instructions are the same as always, do the 6:6 breath if you know it and if you don't book a session with me and learn it! It will change your life.


1) Do nothing. Continue working, sleeping, using the loo, whatever you like. The healing will work anyway.


2) Tune in. Lie down, sit up, eyes closed, eyes open, in a relaxed position. Do the 6:6. Stay in that position for 20-30 minutes. Some people feel things, some people see things. Universally, everyone feels relaxed. 

I'm happy to do a Zoom on Friday both during and after the session. If anyone is interested in this, mention this when you sign up.

How to sign up: Leave a comment below this post with your name, if you prefer to be anonymous you can email me.

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