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Tonight Wednesday 3 January Free Session

Tonight Wednesday 3 January Free Session

Jan 03, 2024

Hi All,

My apologies for the short notice – I have held the space and time for this session in my thoughts, but the last few days have been mad, and am only just sitting to write this now.

Tonight 3 January will be a special session (similar to April last year) – I'm going to do a healing session for anyone who has ever had healing with me and anyone who has ever wished me well. Feel free to write your name below or message me if you want to, but you will be included in any case. (Of course I will ask your permission in the healing space before I do this, so no one will have anything done that they don't want). This will be a session bringing in 2024, although we will do our rites of passage and intention setting properly in April for the Bengali New Year according to the lunar calendar, the energy of cleanse and refresh is still there! I personally don't set New Year's resolutions at this time of year, amongst other things I like to be free and live in absolute freedom, but if you have set goals, have wishes and dreams please bring them with you! (And we will definitely set some intentions in April).

It'll be at 2030 GMT, check out your timezone below.


This is totally free, you can donate any other month but not this month please! I feel I need to give you all something for being amazing.


P.S Instructions are the same as always, do the 6:6 breath if you know it and if you don't book a session with me and learn it! It will change your life.


1) Do nothing. Continue working, sleeping, using the loo, whatever you like. The healing will work anyway.


2) Tune in. Lie down, sit up, eyes closed, eyes open, in a relaxed position. Do the 6:6. Stay in that position for 20-30 minutes. Some people feel things, some people see things. Universally, everyone feels relaxed. 

P.P.S Not planning to do a Zoom during the session but happy to hop on immediately afterwards if anyone wants to chat about their experience. Just let me know.

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