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My origin story - or some of it

My origin story - or some of it

Feb 09, 2021

In March 2020 my Reiki teacher Michael Kauffman sent out an email reminding us healers that we can help and support a planet in need of healing. He set up a twice weekly Reiki Distance Healing Group - Tuesdays at 2130 and Fridays at 1130. Reiki Distance Healing works without Zoom or any form of internet connection. Twice a week at this time, I would set my alarm and lie down. At first, I made lists. Family, friends, cats. It was cumbersome. All the time I have spent in Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries came back to me and I started sending healing to "all sentient beings" instead.

Group Healing has long been a favourite of mine and if you know me, you may be a beneficiary without even knowing it. Yet somehow I had always provided distance healing services one to one. I had a particularly potent experience with group healing - at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Nepal - where I had the tremendous fortune of having a monk join in and telling me afterwards it was like all his thoughts had been wiped away. Everyone there felt that experience quite strongly.

If I could do group healing face to face, why should distance healing be out of reach? Sending healing to all sentient beings was, in a way, the start of Aashna's Group Healing. I still continue this practise, on Tuesdays and Fridays.

But there was something missing. And it was you.

Your presence and your energy. So I started getting the word out. People joined in who I would never have expected to even be interested. We formed a group. Few of you know one other, but you are connected.

I use the work Reiki to describe my practice, but I always feel a bit weird about it, as that's not quite what I'm doing. It's a word that is recognisable, as are the chakras. (Indian chakras are okay as a concept and that's about it. Don't go about "blocking" your chakras, there's no such thing.) So what am I doing? Easy. I'm using my intuition.

And my 16 years of yoga teacher training (mostly as a "what not to do" guide), my training in Bodytalk and Mindscape (invaluable), my training in the Breath ( I wouldn't be here without it, please always breathe at 6:6 ), Dream Yoga (my primary practice) and other training like crystal healing.

Did that make any sense? Not really. Not at all. The only way to know what I'm doing is to actually experience it. And a lot of you have. Tonight marks the end of a year of free group healing sessions. It has been nothing short of spectacular and the energy is building for tonight.

I have seen the change in people individually and as a group. There have been so many moments of synchrony. Last month grief came up in our healing session. I had no idea why, it's not my place to question, the group dictates it's own needs. It was only afterwards I read emails from people, some who I have never met face to face, (but have met on a much deeper level) telling me how grief was present for them.

I have learnt so much over this past year and I'm grateful to everyone who has participated. I will continue with group healing sessions and they are going to be magical, I can feel it. I made this "Buy Me a Coffee page" and will be launching a membership option very soon.

Leaving you with a message I had after last month's session:

"I don't know why but I felt so happy throughout the week!" - CS, Malta

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