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Exciting news! FREE 15 Min Consultation

Exciting news! FREE 15 Min Consultation

May 17, 2021

Here we go! I'm the lead for periods and menstrual conditions. There are 22 of us offering this, so importantly, you don't have to see me, if you don't want to! FREE 15 minute sessions where we solve a problem for you.

I am now part of a therapeutic collective called the Breathing Institute, or BITA for short, led by a remarkable man called Ben Wolff. Ben has devoted the last 10 years of his life investigating and exploring how breath can be used to improve all aspects of daily life.

Together with Ben, the BITA specialists have developed exciting new rapid approaches that can make anything better. Or at least a bit. Sometimes completely.

The approach is called MUREEL for fun - Most Useful, Rapidly Effective, Easy Learnt. It's safe and widely applicable, having been used successfully in more than 100 countries for thousands of people.

These techniques improve your daily life, relieve, reduce and remove suffering, and get rid of intrusive memory and trauma.

Special targeted protocols can help you in many areas. For example, they can help you recover from Fatigue, Brain Fog, Chronic Pain, Migraine and Headaches, Asthma, Long Covid, and Disturbed Sleep, Menopause, and many other conditions. Consistently for most people most of the time they deliver freedom from Stress, Panic and Anxiety.

In fact, whatever it is, there's something that can make it better at BITA. At least a bit.

BITA is currently offering a free 15 minutes one-to-one for anyone that wants to experience these new methods. If you are interested, Simply follow this link below to choose a date & time. You will also be asked to provide brief information about the area you would like the specialists to assist you in. This way BITA can match you with one of their experts best suited to help you out.

The one-to-ones will take place over zoom, and are freely bookable now.

No diagnosis or medical treatment or advice is offered. These are simple, healthy, safe practices of breath and imagination that allows a noisy brain and nervous system to reset and come back to a calm, pleasant affect, all backed by evidence and research. All practices are scientifically measurable and demonstrable within minutes.

What have you got to lose apart from your problem?



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