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Crown Chakra healing, 9 Feb

Crown Chakra healing, 9 Feb

Feb 09, 2021

I knew that tonight was going to be a mega session as I felt the energy building. I was excited as it's my biggest session yet and the culmination of the Chakra sessions as well as the year long free group sessions. But I didn't expect to feel this total sense of calm and cool-headedness that I'm feeling after this session. It never ceases to amaze.

I felt some resistance tonight from the group as you came into my healing space. This, when we do crazy amounts of shifting in a short time, is not unusual. We get used to our quibbles, our niggles, our itches and sometimes we have to be cajoled to let them go.

So cajole we did. And lo and behold, we all broke free and lay down on an enormous water lily in my healing pond, with our feet dangling in the water to keep us grounded. (If you can get your feet on the soil or the sea in your daily life, please do! Or imagine it.) With a big session like this, grounding is important.

Laying foundations was important today. We all did coherent breathing, breathing in for 6 and out for 6. I'm aware that some of you haven't done all the chakras with me, ( it makes no difference, I promise) so we gave the whole body a healing session from the root to the third eye. The water around us changed in colour, the healing colours of the rainbow followed by two Tibetan colours : black with stars and clear light.

And then we connected crown chakra to crown chakra. It was a strong yet light connection and you should all be feeling okay. In fact, you may even be better than okay. You may be clearer, more coherent, a bit stronger, a bit lighter.

Near the end, a helicopter whizzed over us (an Aashna's Group Healing first!) and dropped a letter down to each of us, sealed with a red heart. I will let you open your letter by yourself, if you feel like sharing, let me know what you find. (Maybe open it in your dreams tonight or in your imagination right now!)

It was a day of gifts as I gave you all oranges at the end.

Thank you for being with me and now I do feel a bit emosh, it's been such a journey.

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