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Better-self + Help Others = Transformati ...

Better-self + Help Others = Transformative Purpose

Jun 30, 2022
Most of our life-defining moments happen before the age of 35. The loss of someone, illness, getting fired, divorce, our life is never linear and goes through many ups and downs. What matters most is what can we learn from our own life lessons to become a better person than we were yesterday. I am humbled and honoured to share my personal story in a recent interview with Zach Xu, host of Microsoft's Powered by the People podcast. If the podcast has inspired you, please leave a review & subscribe and pass it on to your loved ones. Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/hk/podcast/ep-25-go-crazy-lose-ego-find-happiness-with-dr-gordon/id1572744776?i=1000556524155 You can also 'Follow' to get notified for new contents! 🌈 We can build a better world if we all focus on becoming a better self. Love & Positivity. 💛 Aaron Pang Transformative Purpose
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