It's time!

Mar 19, 2023

We're finally heading out. We hit our goal for the sleeping bags but have a ways to go for the trauma kits. So many need them and I feel like I'm letting so many down. I'm going to use my entire 401k to get whatever I can but it's never enough. As a veteran myself I see the horrors and I see the dead and so many bleed out without a tourniquet. In Iraq in my truck everyone had one on the out facing leg IED in the humvees alway got those legs and I wanted my boys to have that chance at survival. Breaks my heart I can't do more. I lack the marketing to get the message to the people. We live with so much excess. I hear people talking about oh I support Russia, I support the DPR. Do something doesn't have to be money. They are fighting the western world and winning with us fighting for them. Making noise demanding g your politicians stop the funding. Open people's eyes. Go volunteer or fight. When your old you're going to remember what you fought for not $10 extra dollars you had. I used to carry a copy of Henry V St.Crispens day speech. When I thought something was too tough I read it. And it lit that fire to keep fighting. Look around time for words is over. Tatake! Tatake!

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