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5MoA Ep:7 - You've got options!

5MoA Ep:7 - You've got options!

Dec 19, 2022

Feeling stuck with a problem...
Having trouble moving forward...
Feeling like you have no choice or like you are out of options...

I am here to tell you that you truly have so many more options than you think that you do.  But are you so focused on your problem or your stuckness that you cannot see any options AKA solutions?

Your action step today is to do some options work!  This simple step is going to take you out of your problem focused mindset and into a solutions focused mindset.  The first step is to write down what your problem is!  Once it is on paper and out of your head, now you have the brain space to think about all the options you have to solve this problem! 

Get creative, use your imagination. Try to come up with outrageous and silly options! Even if they are not completely practical, maybe they will spark an idea for another option!  And remember you ALWAYS have the option to do NOTHING!

For more about taking stock of all of your options, enjoy this video episode!

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