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5MoA Ep:9 - Uncertainty.

5MoA Ep:9 - Uncertainty.

Dec 19, 2022

The fear of the unknown is something that we have all faced.   When all you can think to your self is…
“I don’t know what is going to happen next”
“I don’t know what I want”
“I can’t figure this out”

...we learn how truly out of control we truly are.  It is a scary feeling. It takes us out of the present moment and into worst case scenarios. It leaves us frustrated and begging for some semblance of clarity, because everything in front of us appears fuzzy and dark. Please understand that whenever I say “we” and “us” I am absolutely including myself in these feelings and experiences as well. 

Ok so, in these instances when we learn exactly how non-psychic we are, what are we supposed to do?  One thing I have learned recently is to pay attention to the thoughts in my head when uncertainty rears its cunning head.  And damn, does it take practice!

Tune in to this episode and enjoy my story about that time when I went to the grocery store without a plan or a list.  Guess who has 2 thumbs and ran around the store for way too long getting frustrated about how uncertain I was about what I wanted to buy and eat!  This kid!  And of course stay tuned for how I became aware of the thoughts in my head and made a simple change in my language that helped me find clarity and certainty.

Long story short, when uncertainty and the fear of the unknown show up in your life, how can you re-focus on the things you do know? How can you shift your mindset to see the things that are in front of you right now? How can your reflect and look inward and remember who you truly are?  Take a moment to do some goal setting or celebrate some wins or take stock of all the work you have done to get to where you are right now.  While you may not know what is coming up next for you, you absolutely can enjoy and appreciate what is in front of you right now!

For more about how to find certainty, enjoy this video episode!

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