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5MoA Ep:17 Run Your Own Race

5MoA Ep:17 Run Your Own Race

Jan 25, 2023

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For today’s 5 minute f*ck yeah I want to share a little bit about where I am at in my life.  This story/episode/realization compliments a post that I made called “Definition of a Spell” If you like this episode please check out that post!

I want to share this little story because there have been many times in my life that I have felt pressure to live my life a certain way.  I thought that I had to follow a specific set of rules and I thought I had to choose ONE thing to do for my whole career.  Long story short, the realization that I had was that “I can do all the things” and “It feels really good to run my own race at my own pace.” In other words, I realized that I am in exactly the place that I need to be and I get to choose what I do next!  It was so relieving to come to this realization.  That being said, even as I first had realization, it still took a while for it to sink in enough for me to take action on it. And that is totally ok.  It takes more than one repetition to get good at something and it takes more than one time hearing something valuable to implement it into your life.

And here are some of the results that I have found from coming to these realizations and letting them sink in.

  • I found clarity in what I want.

  • I am more confidence in my ability to create what I want.

  • I gave myself permission to create what I want.

  • I have started to take action on it.

  • I know how I want to show up for myself and what I want.

  • I felt less pressure and found more ease.

And again I am sharing this part of my story for a few reasons. First, to celebrate one of my own wins in coming to this realization and taking action. Second, to let you know what I am up to. Third, since this IS a 5 minute f*ck yeah, to share some of my inspiration and excitement, because that ish can be contagious in the best way!  ;)  

For more about my story of running my own race, check out the post called “I can do all the things” and enjoy this video episode!

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