Testing Something Out - Comments

Testing Something Out - Comments

Jan 03, 2020

I am thinking about doing more with the Buy me a coffee site.

One thing I'm considering is putting posts that people can comment on, we can chat, etc. 

Since I started STUMP, I have not allowed comments on my posts. I have blogged elsewhere in the past, that allowed comments, and it required somebody riding herd, deleting spam, and kicking out trolls. I do not have the time (or energy) for that, and frankly, I'm paying for the STUMP website and don't feel like allowing other people writing on it. 

I haven't had an issue with people emailing me ([email protected]) or tweeting at me, but that's not quite the same as allowing commenting.

So, with the "membership" option for this site opening up, I was considering creating comment spaces for members on this site. I don't know if this is worthwhile.

What do you think?  Or is there some membership content you would prefer?

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