Simple Gifts, Maximum Appreciation!

Simple Gifts, Maximum Appreciation!

Oct 22, 2021

For anyone having issues with Patreon support (creating an account, giving monthly, or otherwise), I’ve created this Buy Me A Coffee account, where anyone can leave one-time donations of any amount to support my podcast, 40 Minutes of Funk.

On Sept. 1, 2021, I left the corporate-like world of academia (figure that one out) after a 15-year career and embarked on a new chapter of creativity, self-discovery, and… self-employment. I launched 40 Minutes of Funk to fill a void in the Funk genre: a Funk-based interview podcast with original music provided by guests, as a way to promote Funk music and Funk philosophies from across the globe.

With your gift of any size, I can continue pursuing this dream of spreading the word about the positive impact of Funk music. It changed my life, and with your help, it might change other lives, too. Got ideas or connections for future Funk interviews? Send them my way here, at [email protected] or on social media @40minutesoffunk - thanks so much for your support!

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