More and more keychain designs

More and more keychain designs

Apr 10, 2021

In the meantime I have created over 20 different and individual BMW keychains. Each of the models has actually earned its own post, but I don't just want to post keychains. 😅

I was able to make BMW fans all over europe happy with their own keychain. It is fun to create them according to the ideas of car enthusiasts and the number of individual BMW keychains is growing.

The 10 Keychains in the post are from:

Me, my own based on the model of my BMW F32 435ix Coupe MPerformance.

BMWF32 453i Coupé blue from @joshuawehinger

BMWF21 116D Coupé gray/green from @_labmwlady_2406

BMWF20 140i black from @m140i_tim and @bmwm.140 / @justpauliine

BMWE46 320i blue from @bennyjunge98

BMWG30 5er Frozen Arctic Gray from @vladenbroot

BMWF31 320dx white from @alpine_white_f31

BMWF36 453i GranCoupé urban from @bmw.435i.urban

BMWE82 Coupé & E86 Coupé from @_mrs_qp_

My BMWF32 as FDM Print and SLA Print

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