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Before You Start

Before You Start

Dec 22, 2020

Hello Everyone,

I know, most of us got excited after we opened the printer and wanted to print for the first time. One of the biggest problems is when we want to do everything by ourselves. Actually, the best idea is to watch videos and follow the instructions properly.

I wanted to print that little dog without using any slicer program and see the result. I didn't watch any videos online and do a healthy job. Indeed, I didn't place the filament on the feeder good enough. The 200'C nozzle left an unforgettable stain on the magnetic bed. After that, I am still getting that little cute stain in every print.

Before you start to print and after every change of the filament, cut the filament with a 45-degree angle and be sure that the filament reaches the nozzle.

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