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Free Studio HDRI maps

Free Studio HDRI maps

May 06, 2023

Don’t miss this resource shared by Alex Senechal, industry environment artist, and concept designer, who has released two free 10,000 x 5,000 px HDRI map sets for you to use in your environments. These HDRI maps are part of the larger package offered for sale on Gumroad by the author, not to be missed.

These FREE HDR maps, can be used to generate portfolio renders of props, Sci-Fi scenes, and vehicles, but are specially designed for weapon renders.

HDRI Weapon Specialized

HDRi Designed for long designs

  • HDRIs are created with common weapon angles in mind

    • Sideview-specific HDRIs to make your side views pop

General Purpose

  • Can use on any project

    • Image lights give more light variety and a natural look

    • New light falloff methods

    • Some HDRI subtle to use as a lighting base


  • 3 and 5 HDRI  10k 5k Resolution

    • HDR and EXR


Free Studio HDRI's_0010_Background

Free Studio HDRI's_0007_bright_simple_b

Free Studio HDRI's_0005_dark_dramatic_key_a

Free Studio HDRI's_0003_Darkmood_Busy_Redrim_a

Free Studio HDRI's_0001_gun_gradient_simple_b


Download 5 Free Studio HDRI maps


3 Free Studio HDRI scifi

3 Free Studio HDRI

Weapon Free Studio HDRI

Download 3 Free Studio HDRI maps

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