System updates 8/17

Aug 17, 2023

Wanted to post some updates that didn't make it over from the facebook page:

Update from 7/9:
Porting the existing code is revealing enough issues that I’ve decided on a complete ground-up rewrite. (There will be plenty of pieces I can pull back in though)

So, I’ve started a whole new codebase in parallel with the existing system based on the following tech stack:

  • Code: Ruby 3.2.2

  • Framework: Rails 7.0.6

  • Admin Framework: ActiveAdmin 2.14.0

  • Front end framework: Bootstrap 5.3

  • Web server: Puma 6.3.0

  • Database: PostgresSQL 15.3

  • Data caching: Redis 7.0

  • Storage: Amazon AWS S3

  • Deployment/Hosting: Amazon AWS ElasticBeanstalk

  • CDN: Amazon AWS Cloudfront

Framework is all up and running ->

currently working on implementing Devise Authentication, and researching various Authorization models like CanCan & Pundit.

This version is going to have a separate client portal section in addition to the website frontend and the StudioController backend.

The goal is to have a section for your clients to log into to get information about their projects, project status, billing, payments, and most importantly file downloads eliminating the need for an additional website like Dropbox/WeTransfer etc.

Update from 7/23:

Lots of progress in the past few days - got activeAdmin up and running with Rails 7; front end framework using latest Bootstrap 5; got the actionText editor to play nice with activeAdmin (which was a 2-day hellscape that came down to 1 line of incompatible code! ); got Amazon AWS S3 cloud storage & Rails activeStorage up & running.

Next up: porting existing data models to the new framework (probably making a ton of updates along the way)

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