Accelerating app development with A.I. ?

Accelerating app development with A.I. ?

Jun 24, 2023

EDIT: apparently I was using the older version chatGPT, NOT the newer GPT-4 which is apparently even more amazing :p

Until today, I had never played with chatGPT or any other advanced A.I. model.
I had heard many stories lately of people using it to write application code, and thought that's not so foreign of a concept since so many modern languages use "code scaffolding" to quickly generate repetitive pieces of code with minimal input like the names of fields etc.
I wanted to see what (and how well) chatGPT could do the task - was it as simple as describing the thing? Did I need to add specifics? Give it some example? No idea - never tried this before...

For background, I'm writing StudioController in a programming language called "Ruby", using a popular framework called "Ruby on Rails", and an extension called "ActiveAdmin" that uses its own abbreviated layout code -- pretty much all the important background so the questions make some sort of sense to my human readers :p

I want to share my frankly amazing very very first interaction with chatGPT.
I start off by asking it to create a particular type of file to define a stored piece of information. and I'm purposefully vague on giving it any details of what it should include, and ask it to explain why it chooses the fields to include.
"write me a ruby on rails database migration to create a storage table for record label release data. Include any fields you think are relevant, and explain why you think they are relevant."

Before you read it's response and my followup questions - yes - there's a bunch of computer code in the transcript - i understand it will mean nothing to many if not most of you - that's ok, just go ahead and skim past it.
The interesting part are it's explanations - and of course the generated code is great: well written - simplistic, but I didn't provide any details to make things more complicated.

I can truly see using this as a way to very quickly scaffold out blocks of code, then either edit it directly with refinements, or see how nuanced I can form my questions to get the output I'm looking for.
Either way, I'm floored. In particular, towards the end of this brief interaction I ask it WHY it chose to leave a particular field as optional - it's first answer didnt quite answer WHY but offered to adjust the code to make it required.
THEN, I asked "Do you think it should be required?" -- among some other fairly standard word salad, it's point number 2 is a gem: precisely what i was seeing if it would offer, and precisely what I was testing by asking it to add this field in the first place :o

Read the transcript here:

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