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May 09, 2023

I am honored to have created this logo animation to "The Waggle Dance" project - which is soon to be formally launched, on May 20th.

The Waggle Dance is a worldwide initiative - hosted by "Bonobo TV Publishing" and "Bitesize Epiphanies" - designed to bring international awareness to the plight of the bees around our planet. This simple animated logo was a joy to design and animate. I hope it will help in some small way to support our bees and improve the planet we live one. After all, our own survival depends on it!

(Note: If you want to know how I actually animated the bee waggle, you can see an explanation of the "stagger" process I used on my "Drawing the Line" YouTube channel... . It was posted at a time before I could show the color version, or even announce what the project was all about.)

Anyway, please support our bees in any way that you can. Without them our food supply is significantly threatened, so it's definitely a worthy cause!

And why not give it waggle yourself - friends and families too? You can find out more here...

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