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Coming Out As Artists👩‍🎨🎭👨‍🎨

Coming Out As Artists👩‍🎨🎭👨‍🎨

Jul 17, 2021

We are excited to be here.

Our company has gone through radical transformation in the last 12 months. We went from being an escape vessel dressed as a marketing and digital media agency, to gaining a partner, stripping the company foundation to its roots and allowing our blueprint to lead us forward in an incremental way.

But do not be fooled. Incremental doesn't mean slow. We are jumping timelines like nothing other than novelty. Alas, we found ourselves. We are being pulled.

We find ourselves in the seat as artists.

We love to create, build, and make. We love having fun and working with early stage start ups. We like to generate money. Crypto is our sandbox. The internet is our sandbox. Crafting is our sandbox.

We don't have any plans. We show up and create. Plans are abstractions and distractions from the type of creating we like to indulge in.

Look beyond words, symbols, and abstraction and that is where you find us resting our energy. In the flow of creation. Alongside other co-creators resting in novelty building the new.

Our art will not always make sense to you. And that is what makes it beautiful. We are the new. We are novelty. Instant manifestation is us. Not outside of us. We are here to be. To create. And to create from our pure, highest embodied self.

Thanks for joining us! #twentytwoalchemy

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