About 1st Mentor Street

About 1st Mentor Street

Jan 19, 2022

“1st Mentor Street” was founded based on the observations that to be successful in life, it requires so much more than what we learn through school. Although our education systems teach us English, math, science, history etc., we don’t believe that this type of education alone is sufficient to build a thriving life according to our own terms.

When we are still young, we are often not aware what we actually need to know or learn until we live through certain experiences ourselves, make mistakes and hopefully learn from them, right? While it’s great to become wiser from our own mishaps, wouldn’t it be even better to have a road map or a guide to lead us through life?

Well, we are that mentor for your youth, the one who guides them through the wild adventures of life, telling them about safer routes and also the pitfalls to avoid so that they can start enjoying all the positive advantages life has to offer sooner. While their peers still struggle with finding the path and deciding whether to make a right or left turn on their bicycles, our mentees are already enjoying the comfortable ride in their sports car equipped with a GPS system, “1st Mentor Street”, to show them the most effective and most efficient way to arrive at their destination.

No matter what, we believe they will eventually arrive at their destinations. The question is, will it be at the location and at the time you AND your youngsters are hoping for?

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