Table tennis Jeon Ji-hee defeats Shin Yu ...

Table tennis Jeon Ji-hee defeats Shin Yu-bin in the Doha WTT

Jan 22, 2024

Table tennis finals to win 2nd place in competition

Table tennis Jeon Ji-hee.

Jeon Ji-hee (32, Mirae Asset Securities), the star of Korean table tennis, defeated Shin Yu-bin (20, Korean Air) in the finals of World Table Tennis (WTT) Contender Doha 2024, which took place due to a family fight, and rose to the top.

Jeon Ji-hee (33rd) defeated Shin Yu-bin (9th) 4-3 (8-11 11-9 14-16 9-11 18-16 11) in the finals of the tournament held at Lusail Sports Arena in Doha, Qatar on the 20th (local time) -8 11-5) We won and won the championship.

Jeon Ji-hee and Shin Yu-bin are called the ‘soul duo’ of Korean women’s table tennis. Despite their 12-year age difference, they worked together fantastically to win the women's doubles gold medal at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held last year.

This is the second time they have faced each other in singles at an international competition.

They first met in the 2021 WTT Star Contender Doha quarterfinals, where Jeon Ji-hee defeated Shin Yu-bin 3-1.

Jeon Ji-hee also won the second match in three years, lifting the first WTT women's singles championship cup.

Jeon Ji-hee, who previously teamed up with Shin Yu-bin in the women's doubles and won the championship over the Sabine Winter and Annette Kaufmann (Germany) pair, won two gold medals in the tournament.

Jihee Jeon was down 1-3 going into her fourth set and seemed to be giving up her championship to her younger sister. However, when she was down 15-16 in the fifth set, she came back with three points.

From then on, she gained momentum and won the 6th and 7th sets without a deuce, achieving a dramatic comeback victory.

Meanwhile, in the men's doubles final, the pair of Lee Sang-soo (Samsung Life Insurance) and Lim Jong-hoon (Korea Exchange) (290th) defeated the Hong Kong pair of Lam Shu Hang and Ho Kwan Kit (92nd) 3-2 (11-13 11-4 9-11 11- 7 11-6) We won a comeback victory and rose to the top. 19가이드03

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