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HackTheBox "TheNotebook" writeup availab ...

HackTheBox "TheNotebook" writeup available!

Sep 05, 2021

TheNotebook is a medium difficulty Linux box running a custom web application vulnerable to authorization bypass caused by a SSRF that allows to validate arbitrary JWT. Once authenticated the application suffers a bug that allows to execute PHP file, resulting in RCE. Excessive permissions assigned to the noah’s home backup archive allows to copy and extract it, resulting in the leakage of noah’s SSH private key. Finally, Noah is allowed to execute command within a docker container. Because the runc software version used in Docker before 18.09.2 suffers a file-descriptor mishandling, it is possible to leverage the CVE-2019-5736 in order to** inject a malicious root user** and then login, obtaining high privileges on the target.

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