Tai Chi Buzz!

Apr 19, 2021

I feel there is a real buzz around Tai Chi at the moment! Lovely to see people attending our Saturday morning class in the park - what better place to do Tai Chi than out in the fresh air, just as they do in the parks of China. And of course we have as much space as we like to spread out and socially distance! It feels wonderful that things are getting going again and that we can meet up safely to practise our beautiful art, which feels all the more special when you are moving in time with a group, all flowing in the same direction (well, hopefully!) It is not always easy to make yourself get up out of bed but once you have done that then the hardest part is over and you can have your time to relax.

Another buzz is around Mark's daoyin book, he has had some great reviews on Amazon and the general feedback is that it is fantastic to have these exercises in a book that can we can refer to. Whilst this is brilliant what is truly amazing is how Mark has skilfully joined up Chee Soo's meditation exercises into a complete system - he has studied and practised our art for so long (40 years, as well as practising and studying Chinese medicine for over 20 years) he has come to understand the links between the different aspects Chee Soo was writing about and how it all fits together, writing in a way as to make it accessible to others for the first time.

Finally, I have my own personal buzz teaching my Zoom class which I love. Although there is not enough room to practise any forms, it is fabulous to have dedicated time each week to practise Kai Men and daoyin exercises - the foundation of any beautiful-looking tai chi form. Try to do at least one exercise every day if you can to increase your strength, flexibility and balance. I plan my exercises a week ahead and practise them all week; for those of you who attend my class you could swap that around and spend the week practising your favourites from the lesson. A word of warning though - don't overdo it! I went too far with some stretches a couple of days ago and I am still suffering! I hope to be filming some more for our YouTube channel once recovered :-)

Thank you once again for all the coffees you have bought and your continued support of West Yorkshire Tai Chi

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