Happy New Year!

Jan 03, 2021

Happy New Year everyone! Why not make 2021 the year you finally learn the full form?! This April will mark 10 years since I started Tai Chi, and I am still learning. Yes, I know the moves, but there is always a greater depth and understanding to be had, and the more I teach the form and make these videos, the deeper my understanding and love for our art grows. Here is the latest video, the beautifully named 'Waving the Hands in the Clouds'. I am also putting a link below to Mark's Acupressure and Qi Self-Massage Video; if you are feeling a bit worse for wear or you are looking to get on top of your health problems this year then this is the place to start. I was doing some of these points this morning and it is amazing how quickly they work! Plus, the self-massage just feels so good, a great way to start the day :-) xxx



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