22 February 2023

Feb 22, 2023

The dream(s):

I am shuffling dice, in a large cup. The dice have symbols on them, not dots for numbers, but more like runes. When I throw them, I throw against a partition (like a study carrel) and there are people with clipboards behind me that record what I have thrown.

There are nine dice, and they come up with a swirl, two mazes, three lightening squiggles, and three runes - a bent Y (fe), an R (reid), and a double headed T or F (oss).

Then it shifts, and I am sitting with River Song (from Dr. Who - Alex Kingston) and we are discussing the various forms of carbon based life in the universe and what their intellectual capabilities are. She pours me a cup of tea and explains it is moss from a planet on the other side of the universe. A moss renowned there for its ability to enhance the drinker's awareness of time lines and shift between alternate universes. I laugh and say "do we actually need a tea in order to do that?".

She says "maybe not, but it tastes good anyway." So we drink the tea and eat lemon lavender scones.

I ponder the dice rolls, wondering what, if anything, the people with the clipboards have learned from the process.


I wake up this morning, puffy eyed. I must've cried in my sleep at some point, although the dreams I remember seemed benign enough. The Fe rune means wealth (in days of olde that would mean sheep or cattle); the reid rune means a ride or a journey; and the os rune means Woden (Odin) inspiration or communication or both. Perfect for today, Woden's Day aka Wednesday.

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