🤔 The Bear Got Me

🤔 The Bear Got Me

Mar 25, 2024

Here are some recent snippets from my weekly review. Each week, I look back and record what I've been thinking, reading, and experiencing in the classroom and in life. Think, Learn, Share, Repeat.

  • A prerequisite for being a good teacher is to want to become one.

  • One of our primary teacher goals should be to develop a sense of responsibility for learning in our students.

  • Students will make bad choices. They still need plenty of choices to make. How else will they learn to make good ones?

  • Some days, you get the bear; some days, the bear gets you. The bear got me on this day.

  • Students and teachers need alone time to think, connect, and create. They also need to share their ideas with others.

  • Adding elements of gamification can boost student engagement. It's important to get the balance just right, or it will become too much to manage. Recently, I’ve used leaderboards, level-ups, and weekly games to increase student engagement.

  • Middle school and high school students need more recess. These breaks should be longer than 15 minutes.

  • A question to ask in the middle of a tough day teaching: “How can I make the best of this?”

  • Some of the most important schools students should learn in skill have nothing to do with content.

  • Only ask questions if you are ready to invest yourself in really paying attention to the answer.

  • We need to help students understand that not every moment of their school day will be, should be, fun.

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