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Of Najib-Anwar's Debate & the Malaysian ...

Of Najib-Anwar's Debate & the Malaysian Dream

May 12, 2022

Najib started his debate brilliantly by outlining his vision for Transformation versus Reformation. He talks about; high income, advanced economy, and social mobility. Anwar starts off with trying to differentiate himself from Najib by talking about how he knows the founders of Sapura and how the current generation of Sapura management is different from the par excellence management of Sapura in the early days. Anwar then goes on and on about Perwaja, outlining his track record fighting against bail outs. He suggested a forensic audit.

In the second round of the debate, Najib outlines the reasons why Sapura needs to be saved. With numbers at his finger tips, he plays to his strength. Pointing out jobs that are linked to Sapura and its vendors. High skilled workers may lose their jobs if allowed to fail. He points out in 2019, PNB bought shares in Sapura under the PH administration. This exposes Anwar.

Next post, I'll talk about the Malaysian Dream.

Stay tuned.

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