Crazy Close

Apr 01, 2023

Crazy Close

I have lost you for good.
You are now on fire.
I am just water.

Lying in perfect stillness;
flowing, evaporating, shapeless,
tasteless throughout my life.

That black dress.
We’re a perfect mess.
Your innocent laughter.

It could have been the first thing I went after.
You were never banned from my heart; I wouldn’t dare.
Sometimes you're still everywhere.

Your life with me is now only lived through my eyes.
I wake up every morning and realize they’re lies.

Chasing butterflies.
Our land of pure pink.
Running from the monkeys.
Wondering what to think.

My proposal on the boat.
A lost wedding ring
sinks to the bottom of the sea,
a symbol of the distance between you and me.

All your pictures are gone,
but in my head your voice is still singing:
"You only exist inside my heart right now,
just like in the very beginning."

Sometimes I just don’t know what to do.
Yes, of course I still care, deeply love, and remember you.

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