Vinnytsia, one more innocent victim😢

Vinnytsia, one more innocent victim😢

Jul 14, 2022

Russians have the morbid ability to surprise humanity by their own lack of humanity. Actually half of the world right now is questioning if they really belong to the human species.

This people could never be called a civilization. They are less than barbarians. They could never be considered an entity worth of participation in a community of nations or anything alike.

On this July 14th, 141th day of their infamous war on Ukraine, they attacked the peaceful and innocent Vinnytsia, a city of only regional importance in central-western Ukraine with a population of no more than 300,000.

By their relatively small size and lack of strategic significance, Vinnytsians, always proud of their nature, their climate, their historic heritage and their recognized quality of life, thought they were safe enough from the most intense combat zones.

Also many Ukrainian families from other war-ridden segments of our territory sought refuge in Vinnytsia following these hopes and thinking they would be safe there.

I've been personally in this city twice and can confirm that it's the kind of place every visitor cannot avoid thinking about the possibility of moving someday and pursuing a simple and peaceful life.

Today, by the end of the morning as reported, Russians decided that all this peace should be dealt with missiles. Their choice was a time of the day of a concentration of civilians wandering around with their families on a hot summer day.

The targets were a hospital and a shopping mall located right in the city center. The heart of downtown. The heart of the city.

Russian missiles were launched from the Black Sea and have an accuracy of 4 meters.

Russians still insist their targets are only related to military ones. How many shopping malls, how many residential buildings, how many schools, kindergardens, hospitals, parks and theaters they still need to destroy to engage a more incisive reaction of the world?

We are seeing our country closer to complete debris at every single day. Soon we will not have a country anymore. Probably I would not be alive anymore to sketch these clumsy words. But if Ukraine and Ukrainians cease to exist, I beg my fellow humans to don't let it be in vain and put an end to this monster called Russia.

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