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If not now ~ when?

If not now ~ when?

Nov 21, 2023

Earlier today my spouse returned from the bottle return. He had a story to share. He met a local dad - homeless - looking as though he had not showered in over a week. He had his young daughter with him - also looking as though it had been a while since she had seen a bath. The dad was understandably upset - angry - over how this was how he had been forced to feed his child: collecting cans and bottles, turning them in for money.

I didn't encounter this personally - but it is leaving an impression on my heart. A heavy weight.

WHEN is enough enough?

WHEN is humanity truly going to unite - tell the "leaders" to go screw off and DO OUR OWN THING?

It is "their" dayem rules and nonsensical regulations and other words that say "you can't do this unless WE say so and unless YOU follow OUR WAYS" and other b.s. words that leave my mind hearing "blah blah blah" - that stop otherwise well-meaning and good-hearted people from doing what they WANT to truly do to help - especially those most in need like this father and his daughter.

For me personally? Build 'em homes. Bulldoze a few thousand Walmart's or several thousand McDonald's and similar toxic-poison-do-nothing-beneficial-for-us outlets and just. build. homes.

Doesn't matter if you're a leftie or a rightie.

Doesn't matter if you wave a Sunflower Flag or a Confederate Flag.

WE ARE ALL HUMAN. (well most are - i seriously question the humanity in some who claim to hold the title)

We know it isn't right - that anyone should have to live on the streets - especially someone with a child. A crime against humanity for this very system that would allow even one such occurrence.

Seriously IMAGINE what that would be like - to be in that position - every. single. dayem. day.

The constant stress of having to find warm, dry shelter every. single. day.

The constant stress of wondering if you were going to have enough money to feed yourself - let alone your child?!

The daily stress of not having your own shower in which to bathe and your own means of adequately washing your clothes - IN PRIVATE.

The constant stress of having to watch your back.

The lack of sense of personal safety alone.


There is absolutely no problem that is forced (yes forced) on humans that does not have a solution - a solution that is easy and doable if we just get those creating these situations to begin with out of the frigging way.

I've known this my whole life.

I have never been one who doesn't think and question and demand a new reality and speak out about it - often to censorship, loss of income, loss of friends and family.... and judgment.

I did this before I had a child.

I don't understand anyone who claims to have a heart and Soul who can live each day without concern or thought for others in need.

And I certainly don't understand those who have so much abundance - why they aren't using some of that money for some good 'ole fashioned philanthropic work.

Instead, many of these folks donate to the large charities thinking they're doing a good deed - failing to research and learn most of the CEO's of these "charities" make millions - often less than half the proceeds going to actually helping people. They are nothing more than a funneling outlet to "steal" more money for those who don't need it.

Tonight - my heart is full of all sorts of emotions. Grateful for the shelter and warm food. My mind - weary. There's anger there. Disappointment and discouragement - but a burning determination that always has that inner flame going - no matter how small it may feel some days. And the phrase I keep hearing is:


I leave that with you and welcome the conversation.



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