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All I Want For Christmas.........

All I Want For Christmas.........

Nov 27, 2023

Earlier today, while outside hooking up the washing machine in the garage, placing the hoses out the door to drain, combining the garden hoses to bring the water into the machine, grumbling about the challenging cold we've been under causing us to have to unhook everything during these freezing nighttime temperatures, not to mention having to boil water on top of the stove in large pans to bring out to the garage and add to the machine in order that we can also have some warm(ish) water in which to wash our clothes, a mantra of wishes began to go through my tired, weary brain: What I Want For Christmas.

I want a full-size stackable washer and dryer put in my house so I don't have to go through this process every couple of days. We once had that until there was a repair issue. That was when we learned we could stay here as long as we needed in so long as we made things "ez" on the owner. Crazy - the things you do to keep yourself and family in a home.

But I digress........

I want a working dishwasher. (see above)

I want blinds whose cords are still in working condition so that I don't have to add little circles of hemp on either side and hand roll each one every. frigging. morning. and tuck up inside said little circles. (again, see above)

I want more income so I can have a new home that already HAS the above wants.

Those were the basics going through my mind earlier. Each revolving around money, or cold hard cash as I've started referring to it and to others who insensitively ask me "why aren't you doing blah blah blah?"

Then after I had a wee bit of a tantrum in the garage, shivering as I swept up the seemingly 20 pounds of pine needles I seem to track in with each load, I aimed even higher:

I want a new world for my girl.

I want a world where she doesn't have to concern herself with things such as gender-neutral bathrooms and adult men dressed as women wanting to read to little children.

I want a world where she can clearly tell if someone is male or female.

I want a world where no one ever asks her what her pronoun is or if she's comfortable with her gender.

I want a world where she isn't forced to see homeless people camped out front of the library or fentanyl addicts who seriously and sadly look like the walking dead.

I want a world where I can take her to any park and not have to worry about one of the previously mentioned walking around screaming at no one in particular.

I want a world where she feels safe and secure inside and outside of her home.

I want a world where adults grow the fook up, stop being so concerned about being politically/socially correct, call a spade a spade and drop the mentality that we have to accept all and realize when we accept all, BAD - EVIL - THINGS ARE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN.

Take a look around, ya'll............

Deep breaths.

I looked up at the sky.

Squinted in the sunlight beaming down on my face.

I reflected.

And reflected some more.

In truth, more than anything, more than dishwashers and washing machines and working blinds and money, all I truly want for Christmas is for the people to see the evil - call it out for what it is - and unite in a moment of the eradication of it.

We frigging owe it to not only one another but to our children, for they deserve a far better world than the one they are being forced to live under.



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