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Update: 1.20.0

Update: 1.20.0

Apr 14, 2023


  • Fishing: Added the Fishing Map for Galen

  • Homes: Added the Fogbreak Lighthouse Home

  • Set Finder: Added the Item Sets from Firesong and Scribes of Fate

  • Mementos: Added the Blossom Bloom Memento

  • Motif Pages: Added the Styles: Blessed Inheritor (Scribes of Fate), Scribes of Mora (Scribes of Fate)

  • Mythic: Added the Mythic Items from Firesong

  • Personalities: Added the Passion's Muse Personality

  • Polymorphs: Added the Polymorphs: Boneman, Tidal Wave Incarnate

  • Skins: Added the Skins: Barkroot Blessing, Brineglow, Flesh of the Harrowed, Glimmertarn Glow, Magmaheart, Meadowbreeze Memories, Rain's Hand Renewal, Shallowbay Nereid and The Taskmaster's Banner

  • Titles: Added the Titles for Firesong and Scribes of Fate

  • Teasure Maps: Added the Treasure Map for Galen from the Firesong DLC


  • Technical: Update Node Version to latest LTS (18.16.0)

  • Buffs: Updated: Empower, Major Breach and Minor Breach

  • Homes: Updated the Collectible Furnishing Cap

  • Motif Pages: Updated the Style Material needed for the Y'ffre's Will Style (Engraved Leaves) and Firesong Style (Firesong Skarn)

  • Mythic: Updated Pearls of Ehlnofey

  • Polymorphs: Updated the Image for the Polymorphs: Azure Blight Spriggan, Shade, Shadowsilk Goblin, Soulrazer Knight and Winterborn Spriggan

  • Race: Updated the Khajiits Robustness Passive

  • Skins: Updated the Image for the Skins: Azure Imp Epidermis, Bargain-Marked Skaafin, Culanda-Born, Ebony Epidermis, Labyrinthian Luminary, Mossblood Imp Epidermis, Ocean Lamellar , Peryite's Afflicted, Rainsiren Nereid, Reefdweller, Scales of Akatosh and Scales of the Celestial Serpent

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