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Working a Full Time Job and being an Act ...

Working a Full Time Job and being an Actor

Sep 21, 2023

In short... Yes, you can! Will it take some careful planning and flexibility in your schedule? absolutely!

Like every job, acting is also a job and you have to be able to show up. Many times actors (unless you are the lead in a major project) are the last puzzle piece. This means that many decisions have been made before the actor even gets hired. Including dates, times, locations... even catering has been decided before you sign your contract (co-star, guest star, supporting, commercial). Unfortunately, we have to work on the production timeline and there is very little wiggle room.

It's also important to know that things happen fast in our world. You may be auditioning on a Tuesday, fitting on a Wednesday, and shooting on a Thursday.

Flexibility is key when it comes to a day job. You need to be able to switch up your schedule sometimes very last minute. This includes going to auditions. Luckily, many auditions are self-tape and you have the flexibility to do it at home. But sometimes... in-person auditions are a requirement. Auditioning is the job so you have to show up.

Vacation time, personal floating holidays, a really understanding boss, a flexible job... they all need to be considered before bringing on a team member like an agent or manager. Reps are there to make money with you. If you aren't available to show up for those opportunities it's not a match right now... and that's okay!

The major truth... We have to make it work. You need income to survive. I personally have a few jobs. They sometimes conflict but that's when I lean on things like other co-workers to cover shifts, a flexible re-scheduling policy, and an understanding boss. But this isn't always the case.

Always take care of the human being first, take care of basic needs first... this industry will be here when it's time.

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